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What do we want the UK to mean in 2020? London 30 1

I’m happy the statue of Colston was pulling down yesterday in a protest in Bristol.

He was a slave trader, and we should get ashamed and outrage for why it was there in the first place.
It represented a celebration of the brutality, cruelty and arrogance of Empire.

Robert Clive, who raped and pillaged India in an orgy of imperial criminality excessive even for the 18th century, has his statue outside the Foreign Office in London.
It should be removed right now.

I wanted those statues to be removed as they should not be celebrated.

I want something similar has been in done in East Europe when the Berlin’s wall collapse and they removed all the statue who remember the communist time.

This terrible history of slavery should always be remembered in the school’s book and not celebrate keeping statues out of the time.

What do we want the UK to mean in 2020? London 3 2
Massimo Usai
Massimo Usai

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