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The hopes for the new world? First, look back and then move forward. BW 7516 2

Brussels 25.November.2020

The hope is that, after what we’ve been through, our way to be back to the “new normal” will be cleaner and greener, where more people will be more attract of the quality of life and not just greedy and racist.

If we kick out from our life, everyone wants just to take advantage of the difficulties of the world for selfish reasons, we will have a better world.

We start to vote for friendly people, that will help secure us a sustainable world.

Enough with politicians who want to remove acquired rights and isolate peoples and religions.

We have enough with crazy people like trump, Bolsonaro and similar characters of which even in Europe we have too many of this idiots.

One world where we will respect everyone doesn’t matter the race, the colour or the religion, because the Pandemic teaches us that doesn’t matter what you believe or the colour of your skin.

I know it’s difficult to think to just back to “normal” now, with no vaccine yet exists and the recession looms over our heads, but this is the time.

Global Economy is in decline, and this will be difficult to manage because so many will jump to take advantage of the deluded around the world.

People will start soon to blame everyone, and this general upset will be a challenge.

We cannot allow them to ride the wave, because if the tide is too high and too strong, we will suffer and maybe die.

So, it’s the moment to start a new “Agenda”, an “action plan” for the next few years, maybe more a decade.

  • We need to try to end poverty, hunger, inequalities and sickness to the people.
  • Reduce global warming and adopt sustainable products and change the way we consume.
  • Not last, we need peace in our society. Isolate fears and violence.
  • The technology progress could help to create global solidarity and invert the way is used now, basically used to increase violence and hate.

Honestly, I think we can if we believe it is essential for us to all these points and if we work together.

So, let’s do it!

By Massimo Usai

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Massimo Usai

3 Replies to “The hopes for the new world? First, look back and then move forward.”

  1. Great article Massimo.

    Although I agree with your points and what a wonderful world we would live in if this was the case. Unfortunately I don’t believe we would ever reach this stage. It’s dad but racism can’t be defeated, political unrest won’t stop and ultimately you can’t stop stupid people.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s article and seeing some more of your great art

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