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Brussels during Lockdown

By Massimo Usai

One of the many advantages of the lockdown is to be able to take a camera in a city of a few million people, which attracts thousands of tourists every day and still have the opportunity to take photographs in some of the most visited places in the world, in complete solitude.

Today, the photographs I propose were taken in Brussels, in the famous Grant-Place (or Grote Markt) and the streets around it.

This is just a fantastic area; I could have spent a whole day just sat in the Place.

Seated in a cafe/bar and admired the view all around the Place, it is just unbelievable could not take it all in, for Covid-19 restrictions. In particular for Lockdown reasons.

The surrounding streets are full of lovely restaurants, but again they still closed, and I just waiting the day I will able to eat mussels and fries with one pint of excellent Belgium beer.

Those days are coming, so I keep going around and shoot the town without people.

I hope you enjoy the pictures today, and please visit my website to see more of my work.

Massimo Usai

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