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Inspired by the “Desert Island Discs” series on BBC Radio4, and the fact that I turned 60 yesterday, I decided to make my own list to celebrate my transition to this new phase of my life.

In my life I put the passion for music first ever. On the top of everything.

So, selecting only ten records is not easy, let’s say: “almost impossible”.

But with the vein of the game, I put myself involved and here are my Ten records and my three books for my “Desert Island”.

Disc One: Remain in Light – Talking Heads

The record that encloses everything that had been in rock music before and everything that came  next. The perfect record. Released 40 years ago, it remains the record I  most  listen to every year and I  already know that no other record will surpass this masterpiece.

My track from this album, “House in Motion

I’m walking a line
I’m thinking about empty motion
I’m walking a line
Just barely enough to be living

Talking Heads

Disc TWO: Kid A – Radiohead

Like the “talking heads”, Radiohead wanted to try to close and open an era with this record come out in 2000. With the release of Kid A, the new millennium officially opened, and everybody follow them.

My track from the album: “How to disappear Completely

I walk through walls
I float down the Liffey
I’m not here
This isn’t happening


Disc Three: Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan

Maybe I’d take at least three more records secretly to my Desert Island, but if the controls were strict at the border, I’d probably choose this record. The main motivation is two songs: “Simple Twist of Fate” and “If you see her, say hello”.

My track from the album: “Simple Twist of Fate

A saxophone someplace far off played as she was walkin’ by the arcade
As the light bust through a beat-up shade where he was wakin’ up
She dropped a coin into the cup of the blind man at the gate
And forgot about a simple twist of fate

Bob Dylan

Disc Four: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie

As with Dylan, but also for others, I would try to sneak other Bowie albums to my Desert Island as well, but I choose this because’   it is a masterpiece and because ‘I always associate it with a dear friend of mine who many    years ago failed to move forward and decided to leave the stage of life and he loves so much Bowie and this record.

My track from this album : “It Ain’t easy

When you climb to the top of the mountain
Look out over the sea
Think about the places perhaps, where a young man could be
Then you jump back down to the rooftops
Look out over the town
Think about all of the strange things circulating ’round

David Bowie

Disc Five: An American Prayer – Jim Morrison & The Doors

The record that opened my mind to consider music only not just as sound but also as Poetry. From this record forward my attention to listening to the music took another turn and never went back.

My track from this Album: “The Ghost Song

Choose the day, and choose the sign of your day, 
The day’s divinity, first thing you see. 

Jim Morrison


Disc Six: The Unforgettable Fire – U2 

U2’s  most serious and mature record. For me, U2 ends up with Zooropa, what came next, including concerts, are from a different band, almost impossible that they are the same ones who in the 80s had bewitched millions of young people like me and hung from Bono’s words like a new God who you never said “no”.

My track from this Album: “The Unforgettable Fire – Live -“

Stay this time, stay tonight in a lie.
Ever after is a long time.
And if you save your love, save it all, save it all
Don’t push me too far, don’t push me too far.
Tonight, tonight.


Disc Seven: The Nighfly – Donald fagen

The perfect night record. It reminds me that I used to talk on the radio and I particularly loved doing it  at night. Eight small masterpieces, connecting jazz and rock like no other record before and no one else after. From the cover to every single song, create a unique atmosphere. everything is perfect on this record.

My track from this album : “Maxine”

While the world is slepping
We meet at Lincoln Mall
Talk about life the meaning of it all
Try to make sense of the suburban sprawl
Try to hang on Maxine

Donald Fagen

Disc Eight: Sandinista – The Clash

A triple album is not only a cunning to have more music with myself in isolation, but this record has so many reasons to be with me that expressing them all would take away all the space available to me. I will just say: represent very well my twenties.

My track from this album: “something About England”

They say immigrants steal the hubcaps
Of the respected gentlemen
They say it would be wine an’ roses
If England were for Englishmen again

The Clash

Disc Nine: Revolver – The Beatles

This record is here because ‘it always makes me imagine what the 60s were like. I was born in 1960 but obviously I have a childhood memory of that period and for me Revolver is the easiest and fastest way to capture its moods and atmospheres that I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy completely.

My track from this album: “Tomorrow Never Knows”

Love is all and love is everyone
It is knowing, it is knowing
And ignorance and hate mourn the dead

The Beatles

Disc Ten: Closing Time – Tom Waits

I like the personal story of Tom Waits story. His difficulties in being an artist trying in the best of “American ways” and Closing Time represents the smoke, the heavily alcoholic drinks and the lights of the bars in an obscure America.

I thought that being on a Desert Island pollution is non-existent and then this record may be the right way to get me back at that places that for sure I will miss it.

My track from this album: “Virginia Avenue”

There’s got to be some place
That’s better than this
This life i’m leading’s driving me insane
And let me tell you i’m dreaming…

Tom Waits

For the books I have to choose Four and then, let’s see…

Keep the Change My personal "Desert Island Discs" 909170551.0.x 1
My personal "Desert Island Discs" 1 Keep the Change My personal "Desert Island Discs"

Book One: Jitterbug Perfume – Tom Robbins

I’m all fascinated by Tom Robbins, but this dark story of the pursuit of immortality is one of the books I most recommend to everyone I know. He is the artist of my life. No doubt.

Keep the Change My personal "Desert Island Discs" 51Q1ncll YL
My personal "Desert Island Discs" 2 Keep the Change My personal "Desert Island Discs"

Book Three: The Divine Comedy – Dante Alighieri

The classic book That I hated at school, that I filmed and loved later in my life and that I now never find time to reread as an adult. On Desert Island, I’m  probably going  to have a long time to reread and understand a classic of world literature differently.

Keep the Change My personal "Desert Island Discs" 9781784874216 2
My personal "Desert Island Discs" 3 Keep the Change My personal "Desert Island Discs"

Book Two: Il Barone Rampante (The Baron in the Tree) – Italo Calvino

Memories of a great book, memories of my time at High School. Last year, a few days before the Pandemic disrupted our lives, I gave the English version to my daughter, in a restaurant in Waterloo Station in London, at a breakfast meeting just before she returned to Sydney and I to Warsaw.

Keep the Change My personal "Desert Island Discs" 1168081 1
My personal "Desert Island Discs" 4 Keep the Change My personal "Desert Island Discs"

High Fidelity – Nick Horby

Do you know that he is responsible, with this book, for the fact that at 60 I continue to do the charts for my desert island?

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