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I was waiting any moment for a recond that would mark the first step of the new post-COVID-19 music.
I was waiting for Radiohead as the first group, but among those, I had thought about there was them: Massive Attack.

The Bristolian band has had these themes in its blood for decades.

The political trend of Massive Attack is well known, and I have always loved the political outlook of them.
“It is said” that Bansky is one of them, they certainly know Bansky personally and not only because they come from the same city.
And here Massive Attack gives us three new songs, but they don’t do it in the form of a disc, and it’s not even possible to listen to it in streaming.
At least for now (nothing is known about it) are three songs with three original videos.
It’s a stunning audio-visual EP, called “Eutopia“, featuring collaborations with Young Fathers, Saul Williams and US band Algiers.

The messages read in the four songs, the tone of the voices, the timing of the songs, recall the themes of yesterday’s post that I hope you have read, but if you missed it, this is the link.

Enjoy the four videos. The sound is so fresh and so update at our time.

Relax, listen, read and reflect.

Now, this is an active “climate change” messaging.
The environment is the centrepiece of everything on this pandemic.

Massive Attack wants to underline precisely how much connection there is in the crisis on our planet between health and the environment. These problems should be initial discussions right now in every country.

But it still seems that the politicians have not understood this. With them, many citizens want to “get everything back as before” probably tomorrow, even if this would only the sight of lack of vision and perhaps a consequence of the fear of change.

If we miss this opportunity, we will miss out to save the economy and life in our world.
It’s a MASSIVE message.

A better world is possible, and we will make it real.

by Massimo Usai

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