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Looking For The Next Step Europe 135

“I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep.”

Looking For The Next Step Europe 135

What will goanna drive you back down on the road, walking through streets and pavements?

Two people that feel so good to talk all day…

Chatting every moment that I could and listen Radiohead all-day long.

Give me two mouths, and I could use both at the same time. I will use one to eat, and with the second one I’ll start to say one of the hundred stories that stuck in my brain and deep on my soul, and I sometimes love to say.

Talking all day about our own frustrations because we need to find a way to smile in this fucking world.

Go to the station, take the next train and jump off at the next stop

clima che peggiora

Le discussioni sul clima si devono affrontare mantenendo la calma davanti alle provocazione degli scettici

Articolo di Massimo Usai Ultimamente, mentre ci avviciniamo al vertice sul clima delle Nazioni Unite, che comincia proprio domenica prossima a Glasgow, parecchi giornali conservatori e alcuni politici di tendenza simile, hanno scritto e parlato molto del clima, cercando di sminuire il problema il più possibile. Il Wall Street Journal (giornale vicino alle posizione dei […]


The Journey of our life

By Massimo Usai Every day we add someone or something to this journey, and the next day we already miss them like the previous ones. It is not a spiral; it is not a circle that repeats itself. It is only a road that begins and ends, and it is the only thing that is […]

Massimo Usai

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