Immersed in our perennial selfishness. Putney 162

Immersed in our perennial selfishness.

Not everything is gone.

Instead of following false claims, unlikely third-level doctors looking to be a celebrity, we should focus our efforts on the reasons from which the next pandemic is likely to emerge.

Determining the origins of a pandemic is as messy and complicated as studying a plane crash.
Just as a plane crash investigator collects fragments in a crash site, identifying the origins and development of a new virus (because many have forgotten that Covid-19 is an unknown virus) is difficult and time-consuming, logic and vast knowledge.

Rather than chasing conspiracies, we should support who is putting focus and efforts on these reasons. Also, we should identify those people, like us, who are at the forefront of understanding how serious the problem is, even for those who continue to deny the evidence of the danger of the pandemic.

A pandemic like this is not an unrepeatable tragedy.

And it’s not easy to get around. What is now happening in the poorest countries on Earth is terrifying, and we cannot continue to ignore it, immersed in our perennial selfishness.

Ignoring the leadership of the global scientific community on how and why these epidemics emerge, continuing to even deny that it exists and contesting numbers that say the opposite of what the real facts say, will have a considerable cost for all of us.
That’s why you have to ignore these people and also for their excellent, fight knowing that you are on the side of science and medicine and not the famous Gurus on youtube.

Immersed in our perennial selfishness. Putney 162

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