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Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Down

Weekly Motivation

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Isolation and Loneliness in Sardinia, near Cagliari ©massimousaiphotography

Stay cool during this time of uncertainty

If you’re feeling lonely, or you need help during the isolation period, you could always read a nice book but remember that loneliness is a state of mind, more than a fact or reality. Sometimes is easy to forget that you are not alone in your loneliness.

  1. Find Ways To Connect, Even If Your Loneliness Makes That Feel Impossible
  2. Be Mindful Of Your “Loneliness Thoughts”
  3. Try to be more grateful, more positive, more discerning.
  4. Try to avoid long times of inactivity and try to always keep yourself distracted during phases of loneliness
  5. Books will cheer you up during times of loneliness and will help you to feel much better quickly
  6. Spend more time with your family. If necessary, have the courage to make the first step 
  7. Replace self-limiting and negative self-talk with more encouraging messages.
  8. When you are in contact with toxic people that drain your energy, consider letting the relationship (or work) come to an end.
  9. Looking at old pictures is a fantastic way to cheer yourself up.
  10. So now push the button “more photos” and look at my pictures. I hope it can help.

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