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By Massimo Usai

I fear that the Institutions and Doctors’ noble idea of convincing No Vax to get vaccinated through scientific arguments are in vain.

The No Vax have no scientific opinions to oppose, being graduates of the university “of the street”, masters of themselves, the last of the rebels, informed through social networks videos.

The No Vax think that the institutions want to cheat us, that doctors and science are at the service of strong occult and globalist powers, get a “third arm” or a “new disease” if you get vaccinated. So we only have one way to get them vaccinated, the obligation.

If I have to fasten my seat belt when I go by car or I cannot smoke in closed public places, all to defend others and myself, I do not see the scandal in imposing the vaccination for everyone.

If you do not understand the importance of respecting others in civil society, there is a lack of essential foundations in respecting life.

Everyone’s life.

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