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Different emotional reactions egg hammer threaten violence 40721

Instead of labelling a friend as irresponsible or reckless… it can be helpful to focus on your own values and experiences and to express that this is coming from a place of care and concern, as opposed to a moral high ground

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Different emotional reactions egg hammer threaten violence 40721
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Lockdown has been fantastic for allowing time to slow down. These days have taught me how to let go of what I imagined quietly was necessary and notice how much beauty and possibility hides in stillness and solitude.
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Turin Eurovision

Turin: Every excuse is excellent to visit the former Italian’s Capital.

Words and Pictures by Massimo Usai (Italian Version HERE) EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2022 AT TURIN The news of recent weeks is that next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the Italian city of Turin, as was announced by surprise in recent days by the organizers. Several Italian cities, including Rome, Milan and Florence, […]

Torino Turin Eurovision Piemonte Italia

Torino: Ogni scusa e’ eccellente per visitare l’ex Capitale d’Italia.

Testo e Foto by Massimo Usai   English Version HERE     EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2022 A TORINO La notizia di queste settimane è che l’Eurovision Song Contest del prossimo anno si svolgerà nella città italiana di Torino, cosi è stato annunciato a sorpresa nei giorni scorsi dagli organizzatori.   Diverse città italiane tra cui […]

Art in Putney

One word Sunday : Art

By Massimo Usai Today the Sunday photo challenge is about -ART So I have decided to just put the sign of the great school of Art in Putney, South West London. A beautiful sign, a great building and a school that produce so many talents. Next week “one word” challenge will be: Seasonal

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