One Word Sunday: Arsenal

One Word Sunday: Arsenal

By Massimo Usai Arsenal is the football team of the heart. Arsenal, after 25 uninterrupted years in Europe, will not participate in the next continental competitions. As was quickly expected, finding a better manager than Arsene Wenger has not been possible to date. In the last few years, the bungling fans with Wenger in charge have created, as a consequence, so much pressure on the … Continue reading One Word Sunday: Arsenal

One Word Sunday: Respect Image 16 04 2021 at 11.09 copy

One Word Sunday: Respect

By Massimo Usai Respect, equality is what people should show everyday. A player racially abuses a fellow players and gets just a ten-match ban by UEFA. Of course, they show no seriousness in the actions against racism, the is not serious about stamping out racism in football. What’s wrong with throwing a team out of the competitions or even banning the team for two years … Continue reading One Word Sunday: Respect


One Word Sunday: Empty

By Massimo Usai Empty chairs in an open restaurant in an empty city.The pandemic has emptied our souls, moods and hopes.Everything will change when life resumes.These white chairs await our body, which holds our mind and our light soul. The important thing is to be ready; the important thing is not to be unprepared. ITALIAN VERSION Sedie vuote in un ristorante vuoto di una città … Continue reading One Word Sunday: Empty