Tomorrow I will be at the start of the "Tour de France" MAX 5910

Tomorrow I will be at the start of the “Tour de France”

Thrilling (and dreaming) is one of the best parts of cycling A few hours after I woke up I have been contacted by local journalist to collect my impressions of what it will actually be my first impression in the race tomorrow afternoon. “The Tour de France will be the first World Tour race I will participate in after I stop due this pandemic to … Continue reading Tomorrow I will be at the start of the “Tour de France”

Life After "Lockdown" Doesn't Look Better At All 118321491 185129616312685 2229667901895487869 o

Life After “Lockdown” Doesn’t Look Better At All

It rained yesterday all evening. The traffic was crazy. Nothing moved. People would leave work and queue for hours to get home. Exhausted and Tired. Just few minutes to prepare a quick dinner. Probably using scraps food from the fridge or reheating something from the day before in the microwave. Then time to sleep. Today it rains again. There will be traffic to go to … Continue reading Life After “Lockdown” Doesn’t Look Better At All

Denis Popov : Man of the Match pexels photo 54567

Denis Popov : Man of the Match

By Massimo Usai Lo sport sta riprendendo lentamente in tutta Europa. La storia del fine settimana arriva dalla Russia.  Una storia di ammonimento sul caos nella nostra vita nel post-COVID.  Quindi, la Premier League russa è ricominciata nel weekend. Ed è ricominciato con uno scandalo enorme e tipicamente sovietico. Ad ulteriore dimostrazione come questo Paese sia ancora ben lontano dalla Democrazia e dell’equità’ dei suoi … Continue reading Denis Popov : Man of the Match

A slice of my feeling 6a00d8341cf45353ef014e86ca1b4d970d 800wi

A slice of my feeling

by Massimo Usai I can’t stand the rules. I can’t stand the stupidity and illogic of things. Characteristically unstable and emotionally ultra fragile. Often immersed in my thoughts, I love to live in details and feed on emotions. I collect sentences from films and records, I emphasize famous lines from random books, and I like to stop things with a photoshoot. Sincere, loyal, frank and … Continue reading A slice of my feeling

It's this the moment? November 138

It’s this the moment?

There is plenty of example in our history, and sometimes your contribution comes after you die.George Floyd was trying just to save his life under the knees of the policemen. He was alone and thinking about his family when he was shouting to leave him to breathe.Now, after his terrible death, all the world is taking a position, and everything is changing. Minneapolis has pledged … Continue reading It’s this the moment?