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Brighton Brighon 330

Today I want to take you to the south of England.

About an hour from London, on the coast of Sussex, precisely to Brighton.

The vast ocean, calm and composed, in the front of my eyes, people swimming, many with canoes.
The sea doesn’t seem to move at all.

France is somewhere beyond that sun that goes down in front of us.

Red and hot on the sea and goes to hide behind an old Pier once shining and famous.

Whether the weather is good or bad in the UK, there are always thousands of people along the beach. For three years, it was a location that I regularly visited almost every week.
One evening in September I was in the company of thousands of other people, also on the railing of the street, with the camera waiting for those moments.

I took those photos, I hope it is to your liking, even yes, it is true, it tastes too postcard-like, but it seems to me that a minimum of a soul still shines through these colours and this atmosphere.

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