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(Post originalmente pubblicato il 04 Novembre 2008, la prima volta che visitai la Polonia) Auschwitz è un’esperienza difficilmente spiegabile con le parole. Per quelli che ci sono già stati, sanno bene di cosa sto parlando e cosa intendo.Quindi devo trovare le parole

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Sometimes I feel this way. So empty and no connection with the rest of the world and so one morning on a train across Europe, cold and sunny outside, warm inside, gentle music in my ears… one of the best place ( and situation..) to reflect “Make America

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Christmas It’s over

People full fill all the restaurants and bars at this time of the year. The Christmas party were everywhere, and everyone looks busy to try to fit themselves in all the party they have been invited. I don’t remember last time have been a guest at any Christmas Party. The

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