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Any Party for me? MAX 2242

by Massimo Usai

I’m a long time I haven’t a party.

Honestly, I didn’t been at a Party from such a long time and the Pandemic it’s just an excuse.

Nothing special to celebrate e no one invites me at any particular party.

I was getting tired of these clowns and balloons in reality, but now it’s opposite.

I had a lot of “coffee meeting” instead.

I remember when I was a kid, and every excuse was good to have a Party and when I become a teenager, my mates and me, organise a Party a week in someone house.

Took the Hi-fi equipment and the lights, call few girls (boys were so easy to have it, but girls you need to get them personally !) and the Party was on.

This year I was thinking of a big Party in November.

Still, Pandemic apparently has a different idea about my celebrations.

Anyway, I have some idea for my big Party in November to celebrate my “important” birthday.

Either I knew already would be not so big, I just hope I will be not a “Pizza and a Netflix” and a few messages on Facebook.

I would really like to have a fancy wine to share with my close friends but everything is out of my control.

Time is running out… we will see it.

I will update you for sure…

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