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I’ve got a plan: To Fall asleep in the night to have another great dream

I’ve got a plan: To Fall asleep in the night to have another great dream

The other night I fell asleep exhausted by the images of the War, a stone’s throw from our homes, and I have a great dream.

Thinking about how things could be different if a man were more focused on something else, rather than just a shameless sense of self divinity.

I started a dream as soon as I gave up on my tiredness.

I dreamed that I entered a kind of new dimension, that I flew over the roofs of houses and heard the different voices of millions of people.

Accents, languages, everything is mixed with the smell of coffee and bakeries baking bread and cakes to start the day in an ideal way.


I was looking at the nose of the old people, with the glasses that fell them. The newspapers that still smell of ink of the press have been read sitting in a small bar table on the square where only bicycles or people strolling can pass.

And with the magic of the dreams, I continued to fly and fly in the chill air of the morning. I flew far, physically and with my mind, further and further, more and more with my feeling, memories, and emotions.

Dream, dreams in the dark sea of the night.

You don’t want to wake up and turn the sky as swallows do.

Every now and then, stop here and there and nest under the cool roofs of the arcades of the square.

And like swallowing your fears, when it is evening, you can simply close your eyes and sleep peacefully.

Feeling satisfied with the day just passed in which you ate once again, and tomorrow will be another day.

I would like to follow every beat of my heart. To try to understand what is happening inside me and what is shaking it so that I don’t have a solid and unique foothold to move forward.

Where does this strange pain that I feel inside come from every now and then? I don’t think only from the news in the media.

I would like to understand, in short, what we lose every day in search of that satisfaction that power seems to give us, while perhaps we only need love.

We just need simple things, a beautiful photo made with a non-digital camera or a drawing made with coloured pencils and not with the iPad.

We just need simple things, or I’m the one who needs them and understands where you get this feeling and give others what you have.

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