When music is comforting now and will be comforting later

I started listening to music very early in my life.

I have never followed television programs with pop music, and maybe I was even wrong because now I realize that I also lost some beautiful artistic genius, but so it was.

When I was ten or eleven years old, I fell into psychedelia music.

I got lost listening to progressive rock the first Genesis with Peter Gabriel, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Yes, I never loved metal, which I considered bland pop music with loud guitars.

At 13, I was a fanatic of Hendrix, Neil Young, Doors, Rolling Stones, and Beatles.

I came to this song a few years later by chance.

His record was already at least six or seven years old. Maybe I wasn’t of age yet when I first heard Starsailor, and since then, my mind and heart all exploded at once.

The voice, the lyrics, and the whole mood of the piece took me as no one had done yet.

Tim Buckley

There was no Genesis or Pink Floyd who held.

Let’s say that this contributed to changing my musical attention, and the musical choreographies of the “progressive”, my attention fell more on the lyrics of the songs, on the intensity of the interpretations.

A few decades have passed since those days, I have changed, the world around me has changed, but this song remains on the list of ten essays that I would name without thinking twice in my personal list of the most beautiful songs ever.

Like everyone else, I have done this kind of lists millions of times; some songs from those lists, over the years, have changed, new ones have arrived, and many of the past I have set aside, but Song to the Siren continues to excite me, to give me new emotions every time I hear it.

A song about lost love, lost opportunity in life, lost time, lost loved ones, faded beauty and the painful and precious shortness of life.

This is the song that will have to be played at my funeral one day, still very far away (I hope).

No Masses, prayers and tears, but only this wonder of Tim Buckley.

Let friends remember this post of mine if you are still alive when it is my turn … 🙂

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