Social Media is the kingdom of idiocracy.

I noticed most on social media that those who have gone from complaining about the “health dictatorship” to defending an authentic and accurate dictatorship without realizing the ridiculous figure they make of themselves.

Ridiculous to profess love, tolerance and love for each other in slogans that we often like to exhibit through statements, tears applause among friends on social media.

It is downright hypocritical when one refuses to make the slightest effort to protect the community and the weakest.

Getting vaccinated is an act of altruism and love; not doing it is selfishness and contempt for the society around you and rejection of data and common sense.

To renounce condemning people of the far-right from years, or just to justify them trivially, like all popular nationalists in politics, and now to be surprised by the war is hypocritical and does not square with the declarations of love and tolerance that we exhibit too quickly.

Defending Putin is his war strategy, with colourful justifications or “ifs” and “buts”, not appearing more intelligent, but only dangerous cynics.

Social media

Unfortunately, the beautiful words you use, resorting to “we should love“, etc., often hide a false and dangerous message.

That getting vaccinated or not, take the distance from Putin or not, is any choice that affects only those who make it, how to put pineapple on pizza or not.

It is not; it has consequences for everyone. Those who wickedly decide not to get vaccinated or give even the slightest justification to Russia must take responsibility for it.

By Massimo Usai

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