I’m not in the mood to talk about it. Inevitable change need it.

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Climate can change and be extreme and fast, as can be my mood.

Maybe that’s why I check the weather forecast every day to see if they will be as variable in the same way as my mood.

In this strange winter, the climate is so variable that every day does not disappoint me in its extreme variations.

It’s not easy to navigate this society, maybe because I’m getting older or because everything is more extreme.

I don’t know exactly, but the fact is that feeling offended by the Prime Minister of the Country you considered yours for 21 years is not easy to digest.

September Mood

I’ve been feeling lost for two years.

I feel confused that I don’t have a place to think of as a home.

I want to escape, go to a country where I don’t speak, and understand the local language.

I was sure that even where I am now, in this historical moment, they are saying nonsense and offending others on national TV or in bars.

Still, I do not understand it because I do not speak the local language.

I tried to protect myself with my tongue as if I were inside a cave.

Ignorance gives me calm and relaxation, at least that’s what I thought.

I listened to Bob Dylan again with passion. I resumed checking the Arsenal line-up for the Sunday that comes as a priority for the weekend.

I often look out the window to see if it’s raining or sunny.

My only concern right now is to put on the spiked and cool jacket or the hood that will chase away the water.

Idiot Wind“, Bob Dylan would call it, and the American poet-musician is always a guarantee when my morale is not the best.

If Boris Johnson offends me to even see him, it’s Bob Dylan who gives me the push to fight it.

If Farage is so annoying that I have to turn off the TV tonight, it’s Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” that makes me reconnect with the entire Universe.

Just two months ago, it was my birthday, and I didn’t celebrate in any way.

There was nothing to celebrate.

I just need to escape.

Tired as never before in my life, I look for stimuli to resume a road, no matter what.

But a road must be there, even for me.

I suspect that the road is the one that takes me back on my steps, to my first steps as a man in this distracted world full of assholes.

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