I should buy more powerful speakers? Reflections listening to some new music around…

If you think listening to music is pampering, you are grossly mistaken.

When the words come out from the speakers and attract different emotions inside me, it builds a wave of reactions.

They ultimately affect my days and nights with dreams that grow spectacularly when the hours are so short.

There is one caveat: a song should be excellent;

It should “hook” the listener, a dull copy-paste of our time that should not surprise anyone anymore.

So, what I should do?

Should ask to change the music we listen to almost every day?

Why does he play every day some songs from these guys from Oxford? He doesn’t know anything else?

Should I ask to play the music with more powerful speakers?

Or maybe I should work out on my emotions through the nights?

I could do it, isn’t so difficult, I could ask to go out to do my needs in the garden more often, for example.

Need to find a way to calm down because with rarely sleep, I never relax at all, and I feel a bit like with my backs against a wall.

Either if in reality my back it’s always on this comfortable mattress, but as you know, like a dog, just if I make noise around people will listen to you.

Yesterday they keep me with just rice and water, just because I was vomiting the night before.

They think was the enormous quantity of food I eat, they never think here is boring, around is boring, people is boring. Also, the songs are boring.

I need something else, something Azzurro, for example.

A song that will make me fly up in the sky.



( Yes, it’s me, the dog above in the picture.)

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