The “Drinking Culture”: Britain’s drinking problem is a lot bigger than you think

The news was eagerly awaited and came creating the bombshell effect that everyone expected.

The investigation into the numerous parties in Downing Street has brought to the fore a chronic problem in England: The Drinking Culture.

Without drinking, often beers of low quality, the British and anyone who gets carried away by this Culture of drinking does not manage to stay away.

Every evening, as soon as the City offices close, people pour into the Pub and drink beer for a few hours without almost ever stopping.

Suppose you go to the city area, and they promise you a euro for every person without a glass in hand. In that case, it is easy for you to go home with just over a dozen euros, if you are lucky.

Try to get closer to a sporting event. Exactly the same. Everyone drinks for hours and hours before the match, and when the game ends, you return to the bar to celebrate or console yourself with numerous other pints of beer.

Or try catching an early morning train that takes fans to see a football match. 

The number of beers consumed by so many young people on those trains is so high, and they show shamelessly in so many pictures on Twitter. 

Drinking Culture , woman wearing red shirt drinking

You see nothing but photos of trains invaded by people drinking without restraint.

After there is a phenomenon related to verbal abuse on social networks, especially if the football team lose, why should it surprise you?

But let’s come to music, the great pride of English Culture. More people get a seat in front of the counters serving beers than in the front row at the concert itself.

I love music, and only in England have I managed to catch the best places to see concerts, because the majority are at the bar drinking.

Now even politics, especially in the last five or six years of politics, are an expression of this way of understanding leisure.

See the Prime Minister present with the economic minister, the annual budget and the new taxes, proudly raising a pint of beer at the Pub it’s a bad education and wrong at all levels.

In front of festive cameras and everyone smiling, it can be a lousy example without wondering.

Perhaps in Germany, the Prime Minister presents the state budget by eating sausages and sauerkraut? 

Does the President of the United States go to present important laws eating a hamburger? Also, in Italy, food fanatics, have you ever seen a prime minister present the annual budget eating ravioli with tomato sauce?

So, even during the lockdown, many people have not resisted having consistent drinking. And being in a kind of party in the middle of the pandemic for so many was normal.

Not least the politicians, who are convinced that they are unpunishable (but perhaps they are), have organized parties of all kinds at the prime minister’s house.

From Boris Johnson’s birthday to the quiz’s night, with the PM in place of presenter and entertainer, to parties for those who left work and others for various reasons. 

All this while, many British citizens decidedly more polite and civilized respected the laws that the PM was quietly transcending. 

And the other day, he came to Parliament and said, “I was wrong. Sorry. But I promise I won’t do it anymore and that I will behave better.”

In short, only one who makes heavy use of alcohol can get out of it, in the role of Prime Minister, with excuses and promises like that.

Usually, you heard that kind of excuse from the six-year-old boy who put his fingers in the jam.

Drinking culture, person holding clear drinking glass with beer

It has lost the measure of normality; to me, it is clear that the “Drinking Culture”, as the English media call it, is not suitable for the brain.

For me, it is all in this name the problem, simply you are misusing the word Culture. 

In my opinion, Culture should be related to a book, eating, a concert, a movie, or any local tradition. Either sport is “culture”, but this continuous drinking, non-stop and in frightening quantities, is not Culture: It is a disease and a severe disease.

This ” Drinking culture” in England regarding alcohol consumption is atrocious. 

It creates so many problems in society and needs to be better regulated by doctors and teachers at school.  

Furthermore, politics should be a good example for citizens and not a vehicle to advertise something as strongly negative as excessive drinking.

Because it is a significant disease and the consequence is precisely what we have now: a country in disarray, sailing on sight, without anyone sober to guide it, hoping that it will not shipwreck in a wrong way.

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