The time has come to say things as they are, whatever the consequences these may be

By Massimo Usai

The time has come to be precise and clear.

Many people have risked their lives because they are ill with Covid.
Some doctors have treated thousands of patients in the hospital where they work, risking their lives every holiday.

People worked in inhumane conditions with inadequate equipment because no one had any idea how to fight this Virus.

Each of us has a friend or a relative who has died in the last two years from Covid.
I personally have acquaintances who died from Covid, and I have others who were tremendously bad, where they had no idea if they would survive or not. They spent terrific days anxious and anxious relatives and friends.

At the same time, we have a Prime Minister who has organized parties based on fine cheeses and wine, goliardic quizzes to pass the time during the lockdown. Not alone but with more than a hundred guests, all without any shame.


I’m talking of the same Prime Minister who enacted the laws and recommendations to stay at home for the danger of the Virus. At the same time, people died or were born alone in hospitals because of the lockdown.

Then we have Djokovic, who has broken the law of a sovereign state and who is taken as a hero by people who refuse the vaccine. Because these people read it on the Internet and do not listen to scientists and doctors because it turns in his head).
The focal point of my anger towards the prime minister and the arrogant tennis player is clear.

They have galvanized the masses of no-Vax even more in their position of media privileges. Time to stop this.

They are doing damage not only to society as a whole but also to the poor “gullible” themselves, who die and risk severe complications because” they read it “on the internet”.

Have they ever thought that went well to themselves but to others perhaps less?
They should go around in hospitals, talk to those who still struggle with death because of a wrong ideology of the no-vax.

These people are the consequence of the mistakes out of naivety and continue to make mistakes because wrong messages are still sent out from the people I have mentioned before.

I honestly don’t tolerate more than the pontificates of medicine and freedom without knowing what he is talking about.

It is time for these people to pay and be excluded from the society they want to eliminate.

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