Last few evenings with Laura Marling. “Thank You Naivety For Failing Me Again”

By Massimo Usai

Thank You Naivety For Failing Me Again

In these first days of the year, I listen to almost the entire discography of Laura Marling.

I saw her a few times in concert, once when she was only 19 years old. She was shy and opened another artist’s show inside the Union Chapel in Islington.

But the time that impressed me the most was at Sheperd’s Bush Empire, a packed theatre, with more than 4000 people crammed into one of London’s Theatre very well known to play top indie music.

I remember it was sold out incredibly fast.

Alone on stage, with three guitars near her, from which to choose the suitable sounds song after song, two white spots about her that made her very close to Joni Mitchel.

Laura Marling

The audience listened in silence, almost religious and very unreal for the times we live.

They were all silent, and the reason was that we all knew we had the most significant folk singer of our day in front of us.

Saved These Words is my favorite song from her already impressive discography.

I think her name is very well known, but if it is the first time you hear her name, I advise you to listen to her carefully, especially in these first months of the year.

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