Looking for my creative photography mojo

by Massimo Usai

I learned about 2021 a few days ago and reflected on my year of photography.

I want to reassure myself that, at least photographically, 2022 will be an excellent year for the last year was not.

To make sure this happens to me, my primary commitment these days is to focus on finding my creative mojo (or catching it up).

It is all too easy to become stale and lose confidence with your photography. I remember that it happened to me twice in my life, and the fact that 2021 was the worst production year of the last 20 years worries me very much.

Alghero Photography

I’m looking for ideas to put in a notebook for the next 7 days to fuel my creativity.
I can’t wait to see the results. So, I’ll resume posting regularly on Instagram or Flickr, sending my best shots, and sharing them on social media that I have slightly abandoned in recent months.

This is my target, my project, for the year that has just begun. There are some things I have done recently that I want to cultivate more, such as “Maledetti Italiani“.

Two more things are in the pipeline, but I’ll talk more about them in the coming weeks.


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