Not Forever Young

By Massimo Usai

I am no longer young.

But I wish I was older tomorrow morning.

Go to the coast and dance like in “The Affair.” Laughing and crying at the same time. Thinking about what I miss, what I want, and don’t have.

For my mistakes or the fate of life.

I hate and love life in the same way, and now I look at the video, once again, to cry and hope.

One day, on the coast, dancing gracefully, waiting for everything that I miss at the moment to fall into my arms.

This post today was really inspired by this song from the Waterboys.

I found a second-hand shop just before Christmas and have a record for just 5 Euro of them; I took and, after all, played this song 5/6 times in a row.

This is what I call full-bodied music and song.
A great range of instruments played a deep, exciting song and a unique voice that made everyone feel included while still speaking to the listener as an individual.

Probably one of the most perfect songs ever recorded. Everything works so well together.

Of course, the lyrics are actually quite profound.
It reminds me of how different our lives can be.
What we pursue, what we think we want.
We all go through those periods in a life filled with ease and joy, and the other times that, simply put, are void of anything good.

young on roller coaster ride

Life is a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round. A kind of every amusement park in the world. The rapid ups, the downs, the accelerations make us scream: the other straightaways offer brief reprieve, and then there are those rides that go around and around at a tolerable speed & they feel safe, offer little risk.


It’s just life, and when translated into reality, it simply means “choices”, and we make choices every day in every moment.
This is why I cannot stop listening to this song.

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