Letter to Jesus on Christmas Day

By Massimo Usai

Dear Jesus,

Indeed it is anomalous that you can receive a letter from me, but since everyone does it, I want to try to see what it feels like and what advantages it can bring me if I also write a Christmas letter.

The first question I want to ask you is, more than anything else, a curiosity of mine.

I wanted to ask you, how many write to you and pray to you, to ask you for improvements in general for the Planet and not for themselves?

If the answer embarrasses you, which would mean you made some mistake when you created the human race, you can safely not answer, but in my heart, I believe that you have great patience with these personal prayers and supplications.
Because that’s the way, it is, right?

I don’t know much about you, but I have often read that you preached about everything in life, but I don’t remember that “personal selfishness” was included in your sermons at the time.

Chances are I’m wrong, you know, sometimes I’m distracted, especially on religious issues.

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So I want to address you, avoid considering you a kind of Amazon, and confuse prayer with an online order. One click to solve my problems.

You also have to admit that your responses and interventions are either slow or completely absent, and I am sure you are ready to agree with me.

How to justify events such as an earthquake, a virus (to stay in line with current events)? How to explain the suffering of the best people we have on Earth sick and keep alive and healthy, people who without them would allow everyone to be much better off on this Planet, already tormented by itself?

Today is Christmas. Your party.

Millions of people will go to Church at Christmas or make the sign of the cross, and those who loudly, and those who very quietly, will ask you for yet another favour and perhaps today, it is easy for some to make requests not only personal, but things like “eliminate hunger from the world“, or “heal the sick“.

Things that you have never been able to do and that it seems to you need to keep your Church standing. If you can blow up a volcano or sicken people with horrible diseases, I do not understand the difficulty of making sure that everyone has a decent piece of bread at the table.

Confess: have you ever tried?

A miracle in that sense would help your cause; maybe you have not yet received news (but when do you put it on the internet?), but the faithful decrease very quickly in these years on Earth; fewer and fewer people believe in you. Give yourself a move, c’mon.

In short, it’s Christmas, but for you and me, nothing changes.

People like me always ask you for the usual things, and you always listen to the everyday prayers.
For you, it should be “normal administration” to take care of the weakest, but it seems that every year you have to repeat the same prayers and hope that this year you will listen.

If you want you could listen well to my advice and if next year you dedicate yourself a moment more to these problems, instead of playing with viruses and other devils of which you are not very practical, perhaps next year’s Christmas letters could be more pleasant. You could only ask yourself to win the championship to your favourite team.

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What do you say? A bad idea?

I have always known that regardless of the day of the year, you and your Father can’t give answers to prayers, and it seems impossible for you to achieve even a single goal that you set yourself every time someone is born.

In short, if you decide when a person should come into the world, why then do you leave us in this chaos and danger? It’s not our choice to be born. You decide, right?

Let’s look at things as they are, two thousand years have passed, more or less, but we no longer have news of “Water turned into wine” and the food that doubles even to talk about it.

Have you noticed that you have given birth to millions of people, and at the same time, you have forgotten about something basic? Distribute food. Even a kid who plays SimCity knows that balancing resources is essential!

It seems to me, as a religious layman as I am, that the whole project that you had studied with your Father did not work as it appeared on paper when it was presented to us at the birth of Jesus.

Don’t you think it is appropriate to admit an inevitable organizational failure?

Or is it asking too much of your pride as a child of the “Almighty Father”?

Now I have not come to the king that your Father makes these decisions, and it is not your fault.

It seems to be a moment too simple to “wash your hands” I don’t think you ever thought that Pontius Pilate was an example to follow, correct?
I don’t want to say it, but you seem like one of those politicians who always have someone to blame but never know how to take any responsibility and if they don’t think about resigning, let alone if you two think about it.

Are you still wrong in stating that when you presented yourself to the World, as the earth version of your Father, you had the right solutions, if we followed you, in solving problems on Earth?
Now, after more than two thousand years, can we say that the failures you have collected are countless?

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Now it’s Christmas, and I had something to tell you, more than asking you for favours that you don’t know how to keep.
Why are you so angry in recent years?

First, a Virus that no one knew, then some scientists who did everything to fight it, but the political management you left in the hands and politicians largely incapable.
Think that one of those who lead in the most critical countries in the World still does not even know how to avoid giving birth to a child every time he has sexual intercourse!
In what hands did you leave us?

All the elderly you wanted to contract an unknown virus have hurt you, to die, not only faster but also suffering?

And in total confusion, you have spared some elderly people from agonies and death, it has not eliminated them all, and it is almost marginal that you point out that you have left the wrong ones healthy!

Why did Trump contract the Virus, and he was back on Twitter in his usual style in five days?

While those who live in my area, after a lifetime of sacrifices, of helping the poor with the local Church, praying and believing you proper and balanced, have not taken the Virus, suffered in a bestial way and died alone in theHospital.

Alone, with no one close to gold in the last moments of their lives, perhaps once again imploring you.

Am I right to suspect that you have a decidedly exaggerated sense of revenge against humankind?

Ok, we have been not correct with nature, recycling, pollution. They are not our forte; moreover, they have a lot of lovers, everything you want, but in my opinion, I tell you in friendship, you have exaggerated with the reactions.

Does it seem to you that revenge and revenge are very “Cristian” behaviours?
Did I seem to remember different teachings in my few years of catechism, or did the priests make fun of me?

Do not think now that I am vulgar, arrogant and presumptuous; I ask you questions; it’s not that you can’t be accused of insensitivity because you’re a divinity. Try asking around or if this is just my impression of you.

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Do a simple survey, and you’ll see what comes out of it.

Anyway, this letter is for you, it’s Christmas, and like everyone, I am writing you a letter. I hope you don’t take it for what I’ve said so far, because I have other things to ask you.

Do you remember when the Jews were waiting for the arrival of the Messiah? Of the one whom the Almighty, yes, your Father, would have delegated dominion over the World?

They always doubted that you were his son, but only a prophet.

They are still waiting for the “son of God” to come to Earth in practice.

Do you know that sometimes I think they are right? From what happens and from the sermons and promises made, never kept, it comes to me instinctively to agree with them.

Could you prove me wrong?

Just to set the record straight, sins on Earth had proliferated beyond remote imagination, from the days when you preached up to and down in the Middle East professing you as the “Son of God.”

In short, it did not go exactly as you thought, and many have deluded themselves by reading your stories written on the “Sacred” books.

Christianity, as well as Islam and other religions, have so much blood in their hands that they have had to invent all sorts of lies to justify themselves and make their faithful forgive their atrocities.”

The universalization of the Trinity was an act of imperialism, as you well know and as you have probably observed, “from the heights of heaven.”

You presented yourself as a Revolutionary, and for your purposes, you played a spectacular part in the history of our humanity. Still, I don’t think your advent had a precise or well-publicized pattern.

The chaos you left with Jews and other religions is the fault you were not clear, yes, you two, you and your Father.

Is it not that I now dare to assume what your earthly mission was, but doesn’t it seem strange to you that God (your Father) chose the Jews as his beloved people, and yet I do not recognize you as his son?

If I remember your speeches correctly, you never threatened that you (or He) would abandon the Jews if they did not recognize you as a “son of God.”

Yes, in the end, I doubt that you were mistaken for a revolutionary, but you proved to be in practice a “diplomat”.

Certainly brighter than many others, who had tried before you, to be the “children of God”, but all these contradictions confuse me, and this continuing to ask you for favours annoys me and distances me more and more.

Because things in the World should be smooth, without anyone praying to you or asking you a favour, it should be natural for you to be understanding.

I turned away from religion when I turned 12, and if you want me to come back to your court, have a glimmer of hope in you again, could you give me concrete examples. You could do something everyone can see as positive action. We want positive and tangible actions on the Earth you created.

Don’t you think that for a sceptic like me, and for the majority who are sceptical, it is time to do something to convince us that it’s worth listening to you again?

You know, I see it this way: there are alternatives to you, and this alternative is a man.

Yes, ourselves, and this scandalizes and offends your devotees, who seem to demand unconditional adherence. But how do you follow yourself without asking yourself more than one question?

I do not want to forget the fact that the World is in chaos because you had never returned to explain things well as they were, even if you had promised to return, in short, easy to ask for consistency from others when, once again, you made a promise, and you never kept it.

Or maybe you came back again without anyone noticing? Many claims to have dreamed of your Second Coming on Earth.

And my question is spontaneously curious: “Really? in what style and shape and figure would you have presented yourself?”

I’ve been long, but you know, at this Christmas time, I’m still here as a “Christian” by birth, but not as a “Christian” as a practitioner or believer, addressing you directly and asking myself questions to which I don’t find satisfactory answers.

I hope you didn’t take it, but I needed to ask you some questions this Christmas.

Because it has been a tough two years for everyone, and I do not see any prospects and answers on the horizon.

Now I have to close; they are knocking on the door.

They are the friends who come to celebrate, the irony of ironies, your birth.

Who knows if all this makes logical sense in the end.

Merry Christmas.


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  1. Just pray and call His name, Jesus will come to meet you. All it takes is faith as small as a mustard seed to activate Jesus. I pray our dear Heavenly Father fill you with peace and heal your heart in Jesus name, Amen~ Happy New Year! <3

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