United Kingdom: a country falling apart?

By Massimo Usai

(Italian version here)

Things in the United Kingdom have changed significantly in the last ten years.

From London 2012 to now, it looks like this Country has been changed till the point is almost unrecognizable.

I follow media from so many countries, and just to say, on German, Italian or France TV, I have yet to see anyone say “World-beating, best, first in the world” when discussing Covid.

Not just for COVID. I can’t listen to an hour of UK media without “world-beating something” being mentioned.

From Sport to Social life is always the same tune.

Other countries are doing much better in the UK and not just in Covid, but you will never listen so on British media.

Does the UK have insecurities?

The term ‘insecurities’ is almost an understatement, to be honest.

I’m tempted to say that the UK has downright paranoia about its ever-decreasing status in the World.

white and brown sailing ship

Johnson claimed the other night that the UK was number one in the World for vaccine rollout. It’s number 42 in fact. 

Desmond Swayne said more people die on the roads than die from Covid. 

Javid made another absurd claim that won’t come to mind right now. 

Make it up as they go along.

A sad nation obsessed with its poorly remembered past?

Yes, I think.

It’s almost a rhetoric question, I know.

Its Empire has crumbled and is currently in its death throes. 

My idea is they cannot and will not accept that they no longer run the World. 

It’s funny and sad to listen to young people talking about something they never see in life and with no shame for what the Empire did. Something to be shamed, not to be proud, my dears.

Who is the Country that feels proud of a past of colonialism? Also, what kind of people could cry and wish that time to come back?

Ironically, the move towards insular nationalism (Brexit) in an ill-fated attempt to re-establish itself as a global power is hastening its decay.

In the last few years, I have listened to so many stories of people who had lived in the UK for a long time to have enough of this situation. 

Remember the one who said that he had written down phrases heard on TV one night: best police force in the World, best democracy on the planet, British pub, best leisure activity in the World, best football in the World, best medicine centre, best restaurants, etc. 

He had had enough & went back to Germany, where he was from.

When the UK has good vaccination numbers (at times, true), they are ‘world beating’. When the numbers are alarming, especially now that the rest of Europe is doing much better, suddenly, international comparisons disappear. 

Nobody mentions now that the ‘Oxford vaccine‘ has failed to ‘Save the World” as propaganda said for so many months. 


In fact, the massive vaccination program of the first dose, based on AstraZeneca, used without following the distance between the two doses, has created the number of cases of Covid that make the UK one of the Worst Countries in the World in the number of infected and deaths.

For this 3rd dose, no one is using Astra Zeneca, the United Kingdom either.

One of the first lessons to have in everyday life is having some insecurities; it means you double-check and listen to others because it is good for yourself. Apparently this rules in UK is applicable at the moment.

To me, what we are dealing with is absolute steel-clad confidence in ideology that’s completely wrong.

What surprised me is that in the last few years, the Government has acted like a mafia’s gang, without any cover anymore anything.

Anyway, they can all get away with telling lies every day. 

If you lied in your place of work, it would be instant dismissal. They are simply untouchable.

climate sign outside blur

No one protest; someone writes some statement on Twitter. Still, no one organizes a strike or any kind of protest. 

Could you imagine the reaction in France or Italy if the Government had taken away the freedom of the movement like it happened to the British people?

Or the freedom to protest like they did recently, another significant change in life that passed like oil on the floor.

It is so embarrassing to have actively witnessed this collapse in every aspect of the country I have loved for so long.

As if the collapse of Brexit and the massive loss of life were not enough, we are witnessing every day, at an almost surprising speed, the failure of all respect as a nation that Great Britain has had for so many years, and it’s embarrassing. 

In that, yes, the United Kingdom are world-beating indeed.

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