Father Christmas is finally coming for real this year. We have to celebrate in the right way.

And here we are again… another Christmas to spend, but perhaps it would be better to say: Christmas again! After a year off.

Ok, I think there is still little to celebrate exaggeratedly. If you have resumed dancing waiting for the end of the year parties, I recommend you put away the dance shoes that had you just dusted off.

The reason? It will probably be a normal Christmas, but it is likely that the New Year, in many parts of the planet, will suffer some “disturbance”.

We are back in a state of Covid confusion, and it is a bit like the confusion I have in reading that, for many, Adele’s new album is the year’s record.

But seriously? Why do you really like that one melody, or why haven’t you heard anything else?

We have learned as hard as possible in the last couple of years to do whatever we are asked.

Of course, it was frustrating. Yes, it is unfair. Of course: for many, it is.

For me, it was an adventure. An experience.

Positive or negative does not matter. Let’s say that it was neither positive nor negative.

A meaningful life experience, where we have done something special, like learning to give up and sacrifice ourselves, ourselves, and others.

We have also learned to know ourselves better, to understand ourselves better.

But I am convinced that we have to live with the silence and the words of books, films, and songs, which have filled our long times of separation from the whole world. But we have shown ourselves that we can do and anything.

The youngest has not experienced, and perhaps never heard of, the austerity of the early 70s.

Do you believe me when I tell you that I have fond memories of those days when cars were not allowed to circulate, cinemas and theatres were closed, and either the television shut down the broadcasts early to save energy created with oil?

Over the past 21 months (deep breath, please), we have all had to find a strength that we didn’t know existed inside of us.

In an unpredictable world, we have developed collective resilience – and, most importantly, ways to support each other. We have proven to ourselves repeatedly that we can find a way to address the challenges thrown at us.

As you read in the newspapers these days, upcoming land holidays could still be canceled, travel plans may have changed.

Still, we already have much more available than last December.

This is thanks to the great result obtained with the vaccination plan (still not perfect, but better than nothing) and with some people’s commitment.

I hope these people, one day, in the history books, will have a more critical space than they have today in our minds. Where news is so pressing, we are neglecting the people who are pulling us out of this pandemic with their ability and tenacity.

This year most of us will be able to embrace those we love.

Due to some restrictions, we will find ways to connect with people we cannot be together with.
We all know that the freedom we have enjoyed so much in this second part of the year will soon be back in our hands.

It will be enough just not to make mistakes this winter, especially at Christmas, with our behave.
So, let’s prepare ourselves in these last days, in organizing a Christmas different from the last one, but let’s do it carefully.

Whatever we decide to do in the coming weeks, let’s make this Christmas as memorable as possible, for safety and with the knowledge that the next one must be genuinely free.

We can really make it so, but it depends on how we behave in the coming days.

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