Speaking of the weather, he led me to the simple conclusion that in Brussels it is always August.

Words and Pictures by Massimo Usai

A few days ago, we talked to friends in a chat on what’s up, and the discussion was about the weather.

In these first winter days, a common topic among friends, so after someone from Rome hypothesized that “in Rome, it was freezing“, every person in the chat tried to claim a worse climate than Rome.

Which is not impossible, honestly. Indeed, very likely.

My speech from Brussels attracted attention. Although I lived for 20 years in London, winter has never been like here, but not only winter, summer is also decidedly strange.

I think more like the weather in Belfast than anywhere else in Europe.

I believe that the word “Azzurro” does not exist in the Belgian vocabulary because’ explain a color “never seen” I think it is challenging.

Hence, it is better to ignore the word and not panic in the population.

Weather street photo
Weather in Belgium

There are many French Fries around Belgium, probably the national dish, and Belgium is mysterious proud of it. It would be better not to boast. Still, the -Azzurro- is not part of these lands.

At one point, a friend from Naples wrote: “I’ve only been to Brussels once in my life, it was pouring rain for three days, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much water in such a short time in my life. And it was August!

My answer was simple and served in a silver platter: “I think it’s always August around here. I’m almost certain of it.

Street photo weather
August in Belgium @massimousai

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