“Maledetti Italiani”: always outstanding in the Kitchen

By Massimo Usai

If the kitchen is your favorite place in the house, it is definitely the focal point of our lives at this time of year.

The time has come when it is good to take a break from work and daily stress, to spend more time with loved ones.

Christmas is a religious holiday, but it is also a feast, a moment of reflection and pause even for not Christian.

Christmas at home

In the kitchen, we express love for others and also for ourselves.
Creating a new dish, cooking a dish seen in a restaurant made by a great chef, or making pasta by hand allows us to eat healthy, good, and with a touch of pride always necessary.

I recently activated a new blog, called “Maledetti Italiani“, which wants to be a site to support my business and, above all, to retrace 20 years of activity in London in the food sector, in a restaurant that made homemade pasta, its strong point.

I also need your help in my blog, your secret recipes, and those you want to share but have never had the opportunity to.

You can write to me, and I will be happy to insert it into the blog by crediting the author.

Encouraging friends and family to share their recipes makes everyone feel involved and takes away some stress and responsibility when deciding to do such a thing.
It’s like when you have guests at home, talking about the various changes to the dish, definitely relax whoever is hosting.

Baking at Maledetti Italiani’s Kitchen

However, the new blog also wants to be an excellent opportunity to make fresh food discoveries.

The function of “Maledetti Italiani” is to highlight simple ideas for dishes that are easy to prepare, taste, and talk about.
According to my intentions, this blog wants to propose plates of pasta, sauces, and stories that bring us a little closer to each other.

To take part, take a look at it and remind you that many products can be quickly delivered throughout Europe by “Mama Food Online“.

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