The differences between Winter and the rest of the year are unmissable opportunities to enjoy ourselves

Words and Pictures by Massimo Usai

Winter is different and perhaps more fascinating than any other season.

Perhaps it is the scarcity of available hours that gives the days their unique character.

For example, this morning, I woke up at 7.20, and it was still dark outside; I thought it was 4 in the morning.

Winter is a beautiful time for photography, to listen to music, to read a book.
Falling snow and ice formation can transform the landscape, making sunrises magical.
Early sunsets mean opportunities to take a beautiful photograph of the golden hour at a more reasonable time. This put us right in front of the benefits of winter ahead of other seasons of the year.
Nearly every day, even the darkest ones, have this winter light that stands out.

It is short, much shorter in duration than the summer one, but it is more pleasant to see.

Capturing the atmosphere, the tones, with precision to bring out the true character of the season is a work of photographers or painters.

Still, it is also an inner work for those who love to sit with a glass of good wine in hand, eating chestnuts and only with the light of the fire of the path that illuminates the room.
Christmas is at the beginning; in precisely one month, it will have already been forgotten, to be honest;
It is the perfect time of year to give yourself a nice gadget or even just a good book, and it is also a pleasant time to provide a gift to others.

A book, a record, or food.

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Enjoy the winter and enjoy some good moments, which then, do not forget summer returns, and the heat will not give you these moments for yourself!

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