The magic of colours

Words and Pictures by Massimo Usai

Playing with colours can energize you to instil more happiness in your world and explore what makes you feel good.

Colour plays an incredible role in the way we look and feel in everyday life.

When you wear beautiful colours in your dress and look fantastic to your eyes while you look in the mirror, that seems to make your skin shine, which illuminates you in.

People smile as soon as you enter the room when your mood is also cheerful, colourful.

Colours can be used to express emotions; they can be symbolic.

Colours can make you feel happy, sad, bright, vibrant.

No Colours

It can project strength, energy, honesty, integrity and trust.

Research in colours psychology has found that particular colours produce an emotional experience.

Colours with longer wavelengths (flaming reds, oranges, and yellows) are warm and elicit passionate feelings.

In comparison, those with shorter wavelengths (soft blues and greens) make you feel relaxed.

Some researchers have theorized that bright colours could boost our mood, while softer colours could create a sweeter feel.

So why did I decide today to publish only Black and White photos?

No Colours

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