Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.


Some days do not quickly lower caution in my path.

At a crossroads of the path in the park, I suggest to myself deviate from the way prescribed by the maps now all computerized, and this variation offers a warning to my innermost self before consenting with myself.

From some stories I have read or heard, I have the certainty that you can get lost without warning.

At this point, I take a deep breath, and in the next breath, I say to myself: “But that’s okay. I feel that there are many people in the park from whom I can get directions, and I needed it; they all have lovely faces.

I’m not particularly eager to leave anything to chance. “I need to have some sense of control over what’s going on around me. I’ve always tried to understand why I’m in this constantly confusing state – and I think it’s because so much of my life is out of my control.
So what I can control, I try to manage.”

But it’s not easy, and the crossroads approaches fast; I have to make a decision.

Right now.


Words and pictures by Massimo Usai


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