10 million people who comfort me and make me feel at home: London

By Massimo Usai

Easy to say, but Spanish people is different from French, which is different from Germans, which is different from English, without mentions the difference between Polish or Dutch, or between Swedish and Italian.
In fact, from some Countries, I could bet precisely where they come from inside the Country.

Easy for me for Polish, Italian, Spanish, American and English, I could have some problems with the people from Scandinavian countries.

I enjoy sitting in a bar and watching day-by-day these people with a different accent acting in a different location (for them) as is London for them.
This is what I loved so much of my life in London in the last 20 years, yes, precisely twenty years.

Timepass very fast sometimes.

I’m tired of London?

Samuel Johnson said the famous quote:” when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”, probably today he will write this statement differently.
London has historically been the place to go for young creative types.

I have five friends I used to go out with for a long time who have already left London or will shortly move back up to Europe for some of them. Some English to have a new experience in more central European towns.

This situation, this mood, start to grow on me.

I have so many destinations in my mind.

Yes, I still want to stay anyway in London or keep a foot in this beautiful town.

Because when Brexit is defeat, things will start to be (again) engaging in the Capital.

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