You can descend so quickly into the abyss if you act away from the reality of the world

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By Massimo Usai

Politics and the world have changed in the last 30 years and some people still talking about good was the past.
As we know very well isn’t true, isn’t reality, we were younger, that’s it.

But the truth is that try to apply old formulas to manage the present doesn’t work at all.
Take the United Kingdom as an example.
They still live with the memory of the Empire, which wasn’t good, and that it’s something that doesn’t work anymore.

Anyway, some part of them believes still a valid point to be an Empire.
This is why they went to a referendum to determine that point.
They tried Brexit, they elected the most pro-Brexit government possible, and not even they could make it work.

Brexit has failed, and it is worsening.

It is time to admit that it won’t work and work to gain closer ties with the EU and stop treating them like an enemy.

But not just the EU; the rest of the world needs to be more united, have more minor borders, less political restrictions in the U.K. as in the rest of the world.

All the country that uses tradition, history and try to distance themselves with the rest of the world, have just one destiny in common: to fail.

England is falling so fast that it’s pretty impressive as quickly it is going down.

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