Why does autumn inspire such intensity of feeling? There’s something about autumn: people love fall so much, this is why.

By Massimo Usai

Whether we stay close or go far, taking the time to explore a location on your own offers a different experience than travelling.

But what happens when autumn comes, and we try to explore “ourselves”?

The cycles of nature always influence our lives.

The ideas, silent and more prominent, offer us reminders that we are all in a continuous state of transition on this planet.

The autumn season is a time of shedding different layers of nature to make room for new growth and expression.

It is a time to remember the joy and connection in nurturing ourselves and others, as well as a time to take note of the experiences we have gathered in the year so far.

In this inherently introspective season, we can return to the centre of what matters most to us.

Taking time for this kind of discovery can seem challenging alongside the priorities of everyday life.

And so, even these first acts – carving out days or even just an afternoon – is significant.

We often think of travel as something to do with friends or family.

But planning a solo adventure to wander and explore can offer more space to tune into the trip’s details, the change of perspective, and the clarity that accompanies that deep stillness of spending time with ourselves.

Putney (London) Fog by @massimousai

Whether it’s exploring a new part of a new city, using few hours at a museum, or slipping away for a quiet weekend trip, when we are alone, the space created in our heads and hearts becomes the actual journey.

We remember that the richness of life takes place so often in spaces like this, where we gain insights to move with a purpose in whatever season of life might come after.

And here, this happens in these first autumn’s days, a journey, in solitude, but within ourselves, inside our Museum, which has no paintings or statues, but emotions, memories, sensations and love.

Yes, a lot of love, for ourselves, the people dear to us, for beautiful things such as nature, art, reading, a nice glass of wine or an excellent dish of fresh pasta.

Love for life and for this season, with candles, the harvest, the days that shorten so fast, the yellow of the leaves, everything reminds us how beautiful life is and how lucky we are with this experience that we live every holy day.

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