Italy beat England and why losing a football match can be healthy for a nation

By Massimo Usai

Yesterday was a football tournament final, nothing special.

But for the journalists of this junk press, it’s was like life or death.

What these tabloids have been writing in the last few days was dangerous.

Especially knowing well that their readers never read beyond a headline.

They are dangerous idiots, and with the same kind of headlines, we got #brexit in the UK a few years ago.

It was easily predictable that it is not the football match with the main headlines this morning, but the riot that we have seen all around. Also, the racist abuse against the players who miss the penalty for England.

I was sure it does matter who was the team to win the football match after you start to drink at 7 in the morning, this is what you get.

Every expert in English football knows the problem we have after the final of the FA Cup has been moved from 3pm to 5.30pm in the last 10 years.

An extension of two and half hours of drinks have created so many drunks and problematic people that put under pressure the police.

We had a game at 8pm, so enormously exaggerate as crucial as the English manager that mentions the “spirit of world war 2“.

The Queen sends messages as the royal family sends to the Army during the war.

We had tabloids that mention that the consumption of beer was a kind of proud moment and not something to condemn on the first page of the newspaper.

They send a message very worry to me, without considering the consequence of this kind of behaviour but exacting about the positive wave that will give to the economy.

By contrast, we had Italian newspapers that wrote all week how to stopping Sterling from being so creative and how Italy should better use the left-back of the Italian national team.

At the same time, the English newspaper wrote headlines not about football but instead of tactic, they spend the time concentrate on how good it is the Pinneapile Pizza on the front page to “provocate the famous sensibility of the Italian on food”.

An evident craziness, leaving Italian without an argument on this issue because they still looking for some traditional English food to be mentioned.

We saw scenes last night of people completely drunk that make noise and destroyed public property, buses, shops, and abuse women, children, and not white people.

Those people who read tabloids in the majority voted Brexit and created the chaos England is living right now.

They are ashamed of the Country for the same tabloids probably this morning in a turn of position that will leave ordinary people speechless from so much hypocrisy.

I have so many good friends that last night were so exciting and watch the match, and they will not sleep for the pain of England lost.

They are the majority of this Country, and I’m so upset and sad of this bunch of idiots, under pressure, the media give to the football game, that continues to destroy their joy.

Last night in Wembley, Italy won a football game for better football quality, better behaviour, and more class inside and outside the stadium.

The only Lord yesterday at Wembley was the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, so classy and so old-style British, or what people in Europe think British should be.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella at Wembley

I was so seriously concerned about “after the game“, till the point it didn’t matter to me the result.

Still, this morning, after a few chats with some English friends, I get that the result of last night isn’t a bad result for England.

In fact, have lost “another time“, stop so much rhetoric and take away from Boris Johnson, and tabloid all the toys to distract the people from the real issue England is facing right now: Covid and Brexit.

I’m sure this climate will create problems for them from today, and in a few days, everything will have the proper perspective.

This is what keeps me awake in the last few days, for sure not Sterling, not the absence of Spinazzola, the “Spirit of the WWII”, or the bloody “Pinneaple Pizza”, but the way England was going.

It was shocking and disappointed me so much because I spend 21 years in the UK, and maybe I was naive to consider London as an example of this Country.

Probably I was naive and blind, or maybe it was what I was wishing, and my brain keeps me all this dark side far from my consideration.

I was wrong during the referendum.

In the last 5 years, it proves to me that I was living in a box of no-reality, in areas of London very different from what England really is.

I hope some English people will wake up soon and react;

I will be next to them in this battle for decency and democracy, the one these great people I know, great friends, deserved unconditionally.

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  1. Sitting in a Souther Italian Piazza last night, I hadn’t thought about the British perspective. I watched village residents from infants to the elderly come together to share an evening. Did they sit at caffe tables and eat – Yes. Did they drink – not a lot. Did they keep their eyes peeled to the screen showing the game – some. Others watched the game but also chatted with friends. Made new friends and spent a great night out.

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