8 teams competing for the final sprint of Euro 2020 and some helpful considerations on the entire event

By Massimo Usai

We really are at the narrow end of these European football championships.

From tonight the last four games will lead the remaining teams to play two more matches.

Four games will determine the winner of this edition of The Euro 2020 but will be awarded in 2021.

They will be remembered for this and because they were played around Europe, changing cities every day.

From a pandemic point of view, it was a considerable risk.

What has cost in terms of the human level will be known once it is all over.

In the meantime, there has been some slight madness and irresponsibility in all this.

People certainly wanted this madness, but who is responsible for the safe course of our lives?

Maybe some different decision should have made it.

8 teams competing for the final sprint of Euro 2020
Football in London

UEFA’s irresponsibility refuses to move European matches from cities where there is a severe danger of contagion. It is also a worry to see these countries accept this, putting the health of their citizens at risk.

Roberto Burioni

England’s first event once out of Europe, and some English showed the worst of themselves.

Angry, shamefully ignorant, violent and aggressive people went wild on social networks and in the streets, almost proud to show how “idiots” they were.

I’m wondering how people are making childish remarks like those I read by people employed by national newspapers.

People clearly unable to distinguish between sport and politics, so inadequate at the latter they’re utterly desperate to make up for it at the former.

People that are mixing politics and football always surprised me.

Insulting German nationals or supporters of others countries have become regular for the fans of the “Three Lions”.

Comparing Ángela Merkel and Boris Johnson was the top of the idiocy and of the ignorance after the game vs. Germany.

Are all of these people still at the playground? or it’s the amount of beer that they drink that makes their brain empty?

Anyway, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ukraine, and England will play seriously to bring home the trophy of this Euro 2020, and I think all of them had a fair chance to take it.

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