Libertè, Egalitè, Senzlemanikè! Why white short-sleeved Shirt so popular in France?

By Massimo Usai

A few days ago, I was in France, in Lille.

As I walked through the beautiful town French, I threw my eye at a table where the 4 men, all in their 40s and 45s, were about to sit down.

Maybe they were destined for a wedding or they’d go back to one, but the fact is, they all had jackets.

Everything is ok but go to a certain point, ready to sit in the restaurant, take off their jackets and stay in their shirts…


I had a kind of hart attack, and I must confess that I have yet to recover from this shock.

What can I say?

We should denounce those who still produce ( in 2021!) white short-sleeved shirts and also they should be banned from all public rights (the vote? Go to the movies? … ) to those who buy them.

Never trust those who wear white half-sleeved shirts under their jackets“, someone said, but I don’t quite remember who.

But look at the civil servants who use the white shirts in half sleeves; seriously, look at them: Do you trust these people?

On my way home, I thought: “but who invented the short-sleeved shirt ?

It is the most horrendous thing there is, perhaps together with loafers without socks so fashionable recently, especially combined with tight and short trousers!

But as far as I know, this fashion (fashion?) of short-sleeved shirts is quite popular in France.

Nothing surprises me if you think about how they cook carbonara and use pasta as a side dish served cooked without salt and cold next to a steak.

It happens; fortunately, not everyone is French in the world.

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