When exactly you start to feel “old”?

By Massimo Usai


Is there a specific point, a moment, an episode, in our lives where we start to feel “old”?

I never thought about ageing until I turned my last birthday into a total lockdown.

But it wasn’t for lockdown itself, wasn’t that the issue.

It was for the forcing that led me to celebrate a significant birthday of my life without having the party and the people I had planned to do for all my previous years.

When I was younger, growing up, what were my feelings about the ageing process?

Actually, I haven’t thought about ageing, and I think most people don’t. When he arrived, I accepted it.

But I got scared, I have to be honest.

2 Replies to “When exactly you start to feel “old”?”

  1. As my bones creak and my muscles ache, I keep saying, the more you move the longer you will be able to. When, my elders had passed and I had become the “elder” in my family, I realized age had arrived.

  2. I realised I was old when I supported my husband to bury his dad. I was actually a co-host. That was when I realised, “girl, you’re getting old.”

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