My 3 Essential Albums For A Great Summer

By Massimo Usai

There are three recent albums, but definitely, three outstanding records to get cradle by the heatwaves keeping cool in a balcony overlooking a sea coast or an Alpine charming silhouette.
Of course, without forgetting a fresh, colourful, slightly alcoholic drink, with umbrellas and flags popping up from the glass.

Peace Of Love – Kings of Convenience

After 12 long years, after no one thought it could happen again, Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, sat together again and produced a new record.
It’s the only fourth album. If the previous three have entered the musical history of this century, I think it becomes a classic.
As if their songs weren’t enough, the collaboration with Feist adds a magical touch to the entire work.

Blue Weekend – Wolf Alice

The album gets loved immediately; after 45 seconds of the opening track, you presently feel that it is an essential album what they have done.
In Wolf Alice’s third album impresses Ellie Rowsell’s voice- no longer the rebellious little girl, but now a mature woman. She has changed considerably since I accidentally saw them in a Camden Town pub, probably seven or eight years ago.

In Praise of Shadows – Puma Blue

Some call it the “London” Sinatra, a mix of electronics and jazz, with a seductive effect that aligns with King Krule’s sinuous sound.
It’s hard not to be fascinated by it. If you are looking for something to surprise your friends or the girl who accepted a drink at your home, this album is perfect and straightforward.
And even though there are no friends to surprise or girls to charm, this work by Puma Blue is what you were looking for. Believe me.

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