Time is a functional variable of your life. In the end dependent on how happy you want be in your life.

By Massimo Usai

We in Italy do not say ” See you at 7.00 pm “.
We say “around 7.00 pm.”

And in that approximation, which does not lack precision but wanting to consider all possible fatalities, there is a whole world behind it.

Time is a functional variable depending on the type of appointment, of course.

Still, in general, this is the Italian philosophy of life.

Be careful is not linked to a lack of respect towards others or an approximation of public behaviour but is a way of respect for life, for beautiful things, such as food and time: the time we are alive.

In the end, Italy is one of the world giants of the economy, and this happens with a different lifestyle from the German or the English, Chinese or Japanese.

Still, it is valid, much more reasonable than that of other super formal European countries, ultra-respectful of rules that have invented themselves as a way to be and live, that it’s translate in (for example) do not have lunch breaks, or never smile during the day, because they are always worried about something.

But they are never worried about the (little…) time we have on Earth.

In short, enjoying life, considering time functional to relaxation and you have no obsessive rhythms of work and exasperated concern, from any corner you look at it or judge it, the Italian “way of life” works, either before ruling it and considering it in a “negative way” from others.

It would be better to try it to see the effect that it does on you?

I suggest to try, probably you will be surprised and happy with the result and maybe you will understand why Italian still making good life and good economic results in the same time.

I’m someone who thought it as “bad”, as a lot in Europe, for at least a few decades, teach me… but growing up and with experience in business and life in general, I finally realized that I was wrong.

Completely wrong. So you at (around ) 7.00 pm later for an “Aperitivo“.

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