There is nowhere left to hide for Britain and its Prime Minister. Now What?

By Massimo Usai

In recent days, the usual “pro-Britain” sirens, recently expanded by new media, such as “Talk Radio” and “GB News”, have tried to show a weakness of the European Union in relations with Britain, which does not exist.

Ursula von der Leyen said the EU is united in UK actions and Brexit- and has been proven for at least six years, even if it is pretended not to be the case – all to continue cultivating subjects loyal to the Union Jack.

The fact is that Boris  Johnson has put the UK in a profoundly worrying position of upsetting not only its closest allies but also its trading partners.

The UNITED Kingdom is politically, economically,  in trouble.

The UK has been in trouble since   24 June 2016-but the problem began to become a catastrophe from 24 July 2019 – the day a second former member of the Bullingdon Club became PM.  

The problem technically began on 17/12/2015.

As of that day, it was clear that division was inevitable once that idiotic referendum was confirmed.

And idiot, it was that referendum!

A politician calling for a referendum says: ‘ I don’t know what the hell to do‘  to his electorate.

Such a person should not be in politics, but there seems to be plenty of them on the planet of similar politicians.

Well, who would have thought it would end so??? 

What did they think would happen??? A  situation that is useless and ridiculous, all based on lies.

For sure, at the moment, the closest alliance to the  UK  is  Russia. They certainly control  Johnson- probably even more than Trump.

A place to Hide the Britain Prime Minister

They probably own the best of London and half of the UK and almost all of the control of Torie’s shore politicians.

Of course, Boris Johnson can get away with it this time too, but I think,  “Not this time.

It’s like the kid in a room full of adults holding the gun with bullets.

What’s on his side?

Nothing but lawlessness. 

He seems wholly lost as they start nailing him into a corner from various parts and doesn’t seem to have a way out.

Exactly he painted in a corner and is unable to put down the brush. 

Man thinks he’s Churchill, but he’s much more like Edward  Heath, which flatters him.

Since the summit in Cornwall, it has become clear that luck is rapidly coming to an end, and friends worldwide have been few and too young.

He is politically inept.

Since Johnson became the “Supreme Leader”, the UK has been in trouble, and now things are coming to an end because there is nowhere/no one to turn to!

And nowhere to hide.

How many of these reflections are reported in Britain? Almost none, just some prestigious newspapers, but of little weight in terms of popular grip.

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