The New “Economic Boom” Is On Its Way. It’s Time To Start Having A Positive Feeling About The Future

By Massimo Usai

Are we witnessing the beginning of a new economic boom as we read from statements by every politician, in any newspaper in the world, of whichever nation we look at in recent weeks?

Is a golden age on the horizon for the people of this planet?

According to many World Economic Organizations, the control of the worst Virus that appeared on earth in the last century should bring the trust and enthusiasm of those who survived without damage to Covid.

This new situation should develop an economic explosion probably never seen by many of us in our lives.

The unparalleled variety in the reactions of individuals and companies, indigenous and international, combined with new ideas, can now have new energy in the legs.

After decades of stagnation of ideas, the synergy and breadth of stimuli that can give us hope for a better future could thoughtfully be created.

But formally outlining these stimuli and novelties is a complex process, even extremely difficult for the “experts” themselves to read.

Anyway, trust between us is the basis of everything if we really want to become better people after the experience of the last two years.

Keeping in mind and never forgetting that last two years, were also the culmination of the idiocy of the previous two decades on the planet.

The first steps we are seeing, mostly taken at the moment in the big European cities, are encouraging.

Of course, it is a “revolution” that is taking place at the moment.

New economic
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The jobs are already wholly different, offices are now a thing of the past and adapting to these changes will be the exam we will have to pass to be part of the “new world”.

Despite the weight of prejudice behind many companies globally, they have promoted experimentation.

They have become a focal point for observing growing and developing trends in the business world.

There are the usual big names among the innovators, especially the recent ones related to the virtual world.

Still, some small entrepreneurs have observed and read what they did and adapt their new ideas and actions accordingly.

From simple distribution to catering, from transport to shops, every sector is involved, from large construction companies to the real estate and financial market.

In short, there will be new ideas but also new “we”.

We are all waiting to start over with work, as if just going on vacation.

The feeling is decidedly positive in general.

The European Union is racing in the health program.

The vaccine coverage is second to none globally, with an excellent general distribution without creating unnecessary peaks inside the Union.

I was very critical as the UK manage the first part of vaccinations in the Country.

Nationalism and political interests had created tension with false-positive news, created for political reasons and nothing more. In the UK, everyone received a vaccine that needs 3 months to be completed when Europe used other vaccines that need 3 weeks and now have (logical) caught up with the UK’s numbers.

Now, the EU it’s over them. In the meantime, the UK can’t get out of a weird circle.

They will probably not be out anytime soon from all the restrictions they have created for themselves (not last the Brexit).

In Europe now, we have the Green Pass, which will come into force within a few weeks, and a series of tools on which we must applaud for how they were obtained in the face of the initial scepticism.

So at least in Europe, but we hope will be global soon, consumers will buy more wine, more clothes and more food.

With the money we save because less transport and rent to be paid we can afford further away from the centre, we can take more time for ourselves and travel again.

In Europe will be a massive “Summer of holiday”, for example.

The new “economic boom” focal point, believing the experts in the world, will be precisely the spending for ourselves. It will be the consequence of the spare time that the “new world” will allow us to have.

But it must be borne in mind that it will be sectors of the economy that will steal market share from other sectors.

We will have to be agile and ready to seize the right opportunity and abandon the dying sectors of the economy.

This is the challenge, and I find it fascinating; I was afraid of becoming old fossilized in the senior position and status quo. Instead, I am obliged to vary many things and certainties.

I am sure that this will help us live longer and I hope healthier and happier.

The current way out of the Virus has shown us that spending on scientific research must become basic.

Anyone who brings political discourse back to immigration, races, and social classes, must be isolated, marginalized and reduced to nothing politically.

Because it’s clear that he didn’t quite understand what’s happened in the last 18 months.

Many who have followed and promoted the vintage kind of politics must see a severe change over the last 20 years.

We need a return to the elegance and class of the human race and stop religious, skin colour and other racisms issues before the pandemic.

The Virus taught us that if we waste time on this nonsense, in the end, it is a Virus that makes no distinction that kills us anyway.

Faced with the divisions that we create in the depths of our decidedly sick souls, the Virus does not look at anyone.

Thank you to have finish to read the article and at the end I would like to suggest this post from another blog where they ask to 10 people how they imagine life after the pandemic. It’s very interesting. Here.

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