The best solution for Great Britain is to break away from England. This is why in my opinion.

By Massimo Usai

Do you remember when Trump said “he could shoot someone” without losing support?

In Great Britain, there is the same issue right now.

The government has just been shaken by its former senior adviser – the one who until 4 months ago was the Dues Ex Machina of the Conservative Party.

He was the brain beyond the idea of Brexit to the present days.

I can assure you that with accusation at this level every PM should resign.

It shouldn’t have to be pointed out, but in the past, people like Thatcher and Churchill would have done it without thinking twice.

Do you know why now will be almost impossible?

Because the “Little  Britain”  that supports xenophobic Brexit loves Boris Johnson.

Great Britain Boris Johnson

He sees it as similar to them. 

Dirty, poorly dressed, with disjointed language, he seems like an eternal drunk, who, at least in words, only loves “Fish and Chips”, “English Breakfast” and drinking pints of cheap beer in squalid pubs frequented by football fans.

The fact that these elements always find adoring masses is what makes me angry.

There will always be clowns and scammers in Politics; it’s historical fact.

Some of them quite evil, but the “people“, those who populist allies wanted to give them visibility in the last 10 years, love these villains.

Millions of people vote for them… despite all the evidence against them … that’s the real problem, and that’s what scares me about the future, not just of England but of any country in Europe.

Little Britain” is a problem that is easily encountered in the white countryside of England and in large cities by the football fans sectors, the ones always at the Pub “before and after” the game.

Football fans are a real problem, and it is a story that repeats itself.

It has been the same in other countries in the past, football fans are the rot of big cities and are the consequence of the loss of culture of nations.

In England, in the big cities (Manchester, Liverpool, London, Brighton…), Boris Johnson and his Party cannot win seats.

In the big cities, he has consensus only among football fans.

In London, you go to a stadium, and you will find gathered in it almost all those who voted for brexit in the capital.

The same goes for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but then makes a clean slate without distinction in the English countryside (I repeat for be clear: I’m talking about England, not Great Britain).

This kind of division is a big deal. 

It must also be seriously addressed in other European countries.

Quite simply, Great Britain should be dissolved once and for all and as soon as possible.   

For their sake and for the sake of the entire Western world the referendum in Scotland should happen as soon as possible.

A separation by referendum is much better than waiting for a separation in other ways, which could also become dangerous and violent.

Personally, I see this as the only profound salvation of an island that is adrift in total, both economically and politically, as well as culturally and without no moral left to boast any more.

In fact, those who used old British imperialism to seize power with rhetoric and lies are, in fact, sadly condemning Britain’s death.
The sooner we react, the better we control its effects which could be devastating.

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