How much is a week of love worth in the context of your lifetime?

By Massimo Usai

A week is sometimes worth a lifetime.

Time passes quickly and steals from you what you have; even if you try to stop it, it can’t happen.

So many tried to stop time, but no one ever succeeded.

I suspect that time will stop with love, this is what I won’t believe, so if you really felt those butterflies inside your stomach for either just one week, you’ve stopped time for a week.

I don’t know how many weeks like this I’ve had in my life, maybe ten, maybe more; I have a hard time remembering them all.

I know that those times when someone clasped my hands hard, I felt that time would stop around me.

It was just sensations that crowd the heart, reach the mind, and don’t really stop time.


It was just vibrations made of words, kisses, sounds, illusions.

Moments that seem endless to you at the time.

But then it ends, you have a bitter taste in your mouth of those moments that disappear.

You feel older on the moment after; it seems to you that time had not really stopped, but that it teased you and went faster in those days when you were completely in love.

You look with attention in the mirror the following morning, and you don’t fully recognize yourself.

You’ve aged, and the taste of those kisses has vanished; you feel it different.

You already know you have to go away, find new sensations, recreate those emotions, and relive those weeks, even with the same person.

It’s energy that you desperately need it.

You feel you need it, like medicine to keep you young.

They are just feeling that can’t stop time, but they can delude you and hurt you.

You know that life is made up of illusions, that life is an illusion.

And you must deal with it: eternal life doesn’t exist, just real life count.

It is a passage of time that you have to cheat if you want to get out healthy and get old with the smile painted on your face and without regret whatsoever.

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