News that should not be such but that has become essential. The media should have a more positive impact on this world.

By Massimo Usai

It seems inconceivable that news like this could entirely focus the energies and media forces of an entire nation.

News from 26 years ago that whatever the end will be, will not change our current life by a single comma.

Do you have any idea why any newspaper or TV editors should do to make their news coverage more focused on survivors and not on nearly useless stories from the past?

Basically, about us, the people didn’t care too much at the time.

Also, to the millions of people born in those years and afterwards, and barely know what it is.

It seems to be a kind of informative joy for people who in those years followed that kind of news, who thought that even then they were more important than other events.

I’m talking about the world of gossip, hairdressing newspapers, commercial TV that at the time was just focused on Royal Families and Hollywood sentimental scandals.

There are so many more exciting stories to tell, so many stories more necessary for ordinary people to tell.

Some more essential investigations have never started in the last few years in the UK, such as the corruption of the current British government.

This corruption is far outpacing other southern European governments that some 30 years ago heavily cloaked in the Mafia.

The same Mafia that the latter and even children know has moved and adapted to the English Capitals, which police and media continue to ignore for instead doing investigations like this.

When the media keeps talking to me about these events, I lose total confidence in the media, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

At the moment, at the specific moment in which we live, we need serious media, which convince people that conspiracy theories are only things from people with significant personal complexes.

Still, in doing so, by acting and working in this way, they always open the door to the doubt of their possible fair information.

Not to mention the police, who waste time on this investigation and put it as a priority, while 90% of the current government is doing golden business taking advantage of the pandemic.

Seriously, there are enough stories to tell in this 2021 that you have to go back to 1995 for a basically gossipy fact to create the front page of your media?

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