A boat off the coast of Sardinia: Looking for a moment of calm for our life

By Massimo Usai

At the moment, my thoughts, my dreams, is on this boat off the coast of Sardinia.

The land where I was born.

I started for a long journey of experiences and life.

Now, I would like to return to visit and relax in Sardinia.

To be close to my family and spend quality time with my friends.

No one would have thought they were in this unimaginable situation.

Well, I’d like to enjoy a quiet holiday, but I don’t think it’s going to be possible for this year to go visit these places and see my people again.

We have to take back our life and try to create a space in our days, outside the home; I believe it is possible to strictly observe what can be done to fight the virus.

But reaching Sardinia is complicated, expensive, almost impossible.

Then Sardinia is expensive, challenging in many respects, yet I have not lost hope.

If it doesn’t happen in the summer, I hope it happens in the fall.

Because Sardinia is like the Rolling Stones: hard to change and hard to die.

I wish each of you a good continuation of the life and to fulfil your dreams.

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