10 Good Reasons To Travel In A New Way By Night Train

By Massimo Usai

Getting on a plane to travel is becoming more complex, stressful and consumes too much of your time.

For years our holidays have become “short” par excellence.

Work, social commitments, and whatever else comes to mind, no longer allowing holidays like you used to do once “a month.

Going away on Friday mornings to get back to its peak on Monday is the best of the long weekend; often, it’s just a 24-hour getaway.

The plane takes you in two hours from anywhere in Europe, especially if you live in the continent’s centre.

But as I said in the foreword, the plane is no longer that easy to take for at least twenty years now.

Since September 9, 2001, controls have become increasingly obsessive.

They have intensified over the years.

Now, the health check and the problems related to passport controls seemed a forgotten thing.

You have a precise departure time, but at minimum, you must be at the departure area two hours before, and the Airport is minimal 40/45 minutes from where you live.

To these nearly three hours before departure, you also need to add another 90 minutes minimum of extra travel after arriving at your destination.

For the same reasons: health checks and means of communication to reach the centre of the place you have chosen to make your “relaxing” weekend.

If you have decided to save money and booked a low-budget company, quietly add at least 3 hours to the whole “holidays” operation.

In short, we speak from 6 to 9 hours for a real trip of only about two hours.

Now is the time to look around for alternatives, and the train is the best of solutions.

Over the past 25 years, Train’s Companies didn’t invest too much in train’s routes.

They concentrated on short and super-fast routes.

By contrast, even though the Paris/London/Brussels section has been a stratospheric public and economic success, the rest of Europe’s communications by train have definitely backtracked in terms of services and supply.

But in our minds of tireless romantics and crazy dreamers of stoic and unique adventures, a journey like this one, from Portugal to Vietnam, for 17,000 km, remain a mirage and a dream that we carry in our heads for our entire existence.

For sure, not a flight from London to Sydney by Emirates Airline, exiting but for sure cannot be called: “epic”, like a train’s trip.

If you can afford the time and money for this trip just mentioned above, take a good look at the site I have reported to you; it is complete with every detail to realize it.

Anyway, I was talking about short trips for our weekends, and here then comes to our rescue the restoration of night trains, those that, as a young man, I had used abundantly for journeys that remain mythical in my heart.

Train trips by berth return on the maps and return in style!

A train station: Travel By Train

I searched online for some news so as not to be found unprepared.

In the press, the information is short and unspecified.

Still, then I found this site of a guy from Antwerp, who specifically tells us about the possible trip in a few months from Brussels to Berlin, Prague and Warsaw.

A clear horizontal “cut trip” of all Europe!

A night trip by train will allow us to leave on Thursday evening from home to finally be Friday morning at our choose destination.

And be again on early Monday morning at home to start to work.

It will enable us to have an entire weekend away from home without feeling lost inside an airport with security formalities of various kinds, which can destroy our holiday, patience, and stress instead of relaxing.

So it’s time to think differently about our way to enjoy our free time.

If we don’t have the luxury of the time on our side, maybe we will be cleaver to watch out for the alternative way to travel out there.

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