27 Degrees Yesterday: It Was Gorgeous and Fabulous And I Started To Feel Ashamed Of Myself

By Massimo Usai

It’s not that it wasn’t expected yesterday, but I had a certain sense of surprise, and I was definitely unprepared.

For days I had been looking at the weather forecast, and I saw 14-degree on Thursday, 16 degrees on Friday, jump to 18 for Saturday and 27 for Sunday. I was looking at the forecast and focusing on the only thing I shouldn’t have focused on: the menu for Sunday’s Lunch!

Indeed, yesterday morning I didn’t have all this enthusiasm for the food when finally this sudden heat arrives.

Before my Sunday morning walk, I went in front of the closet to get something light. Suddenly, my culinary experiments during the wintertime and different wines and beers that intrigued me during my shop trips showed up entirely in front of me.

With crazy cruelty, they showed their presence when I have to close the first button of the white shirt I was going to wear, and it was difficult.

As always, the first button I close is at the bottom of the shirt, in front of the belly.

The fact is that I look little in the mirror, and in times of covid, I make less of a beard, waves for which I had missed some details of myself.

Today is Monday, the temperature has dropped again to 18 degrees.

Happy and reassured, but I have looked at whether it will fall again.

Only a stupid and deluded like I can think that being still only in May does not happen again in the next three months.

Nothing, the morning walk must become a race, and that’s enough with bread and sweets. Let’s leave them at next Christmas, and that it rains out or that there is a new TV series on Netflix or Apple TV, it definitely does not matter anymore.

I need to close that button on my shirt with confidence and not shame.

Because that damn thermometer is ready for me to make another similar joke.

Unfortunately, I already know that the next time temperature will rise if I don’t get back on my feet, I’m going to need Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Margaret Mahler in my next zoom meeting to help me to make sense of my life again.

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